Basic Components Of Garment Sewing

Sewing is a stitching process. By the sewing, two or more fabric parts are joined with one to another. In sewing; fabrics are the basic materials and sewing machine is essential for doing stitching.

sewing machine is used to make design on the fabric. When design is produced by using yarn on the fabric by the sewing operation that is called embroidery fabric. On the other hand, applique fabric is that which is produced separately than attached with the fabric by sewing or adhesive is called applique fabric.

Basic Components of Sewing: The basic components of sewing are given below.

  1. Needle
  2. Feed Dog
  3. Pressure Foot
  4. Throat Plate
  5. Sewing Thread
  6. Fabric

After fabric spreading and cutting, sewing is done. To get better sewing performance once should ensure the quality of each components of sewing. Any types of faulty component could bring defects in apparel which could be the cause of rejection of apparel.

So, when you will buy that’s sewing component you should be aware about the quality of sewing components.

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