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Apparel Seam || Properties OF Bound Seam

Bound seam is one of the important seam types.  When fabric cutting is done, its edge becomes rough and it is required to remove rough surface. Bound seam is used for decorative edge binding of apparel. Different sewing machines are used for bound seam.

Properties OF Bound Seam: The properties of bound seam are given below.

  1. It constructed a decorative edge binding.
  2. Seam is constructed with a minimum of two fabrics.
  3. One fabric end is bounded by other fabric.
  4. It is used in underwear, dresses, children’s shorts etc.

That’s all about bound seam.

Button || Classifications Of Button

Button is one type of accessories. Also it is a trimmings type. Button is used to close or open the apparel parts. In modern times, button is not only used for opening or closing purpose but also used as a fashion. Various types of design are produced on the surface of the button. Shape of the button is varied according to the buyer requirement. In apparel manufacturing, button hole sewing machine and other sewing machines are used for sew the button with the apparel.

Classification of Button: Classification of button is given below.

On the basis of materials: On the basis of the material which is used for making the button, button is classified as below.

  1. Horn Button
  2. Pearl Button
  3. Wooden Button
  4. Bone Button
  5. Leather Button
  6. Chalk Button
  7. Polyester Button
  8. Nylon Button
  9. Metal Button
  10. Rubber Button
  11. Etc.

On the basis of hole: Button hole is another factor for classify button. On the basis of hole of the button, button is classifies as below.

  1. 2 hole Button
  2. 4 hole Button
  3. 1 hole Button or shank button (coupling)
  4. SNAP Button
  5. Push Button

Above button types are mostly used but the producers are trying to make changes on the shape of the button to get more variation. That’s all about button.

Apparel Packing || Types Of Packing In Finishing Section

Packing is one of the most important parts of apparel manufacturing process. After completing the entire manufacturing task, apparel is required to pack. In finishing section, packing is the last steps before storing. Various types of packing are done and it depends on the type of apparel. After packing, it placed in carton as per instruction. After cartooning, carton is stored in store section. Then carton is delivered from the store for export.

Types of Packing in Finishing Section: Different types of packing are done in finishing section. Followings are the most used packing types.

  1. Stand up pack : Shirt (900 angle)
  2. Flat pack : Sportswear/ shirt/ trouser
  3. Hanger pack : Blazer, coats, pants etc
  4. Semi stand up pack : Shirt
  5. Half fold pack : Pant

Types of Carton Packing: After packing, cartooning is done according to apparel size and color. Most used packing types are given below.

  1. Solid color solid size pack
  2. Solid color assorted size pack
  3. Assorted color solid size pack
  4. Assorted color assorted size pack

Carton pack may be varying according to the buyer’s requirement. Carton pack may be as –

  • 12 pcs / carton
  • 24 pcs / carton
  • 36 pcs / pack

So, in finishing section, finishing in-charge should be careful during the packing and cartooning task.