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Considering Points For Packing And Delivery Section Of Yarn Dyeing Floor

Packing Section: In Packing section; dyed yarn packages are packed after passing the re winding section. During packing various types of packing materials are used. It is the final steps before delivery. Quality control officer ensure the quality of the dyed yarn before packing.

Points Need to Consider During Pack: A sticker is added to the package which bears important information about that’s package. Following points are considered for making a sticker.

  • Buyer’s name
  • Work order
  • Count
  • Shade name
  • Batch number
  • Quantity

External Material Used during Packing: During packing, various types of packing accessories are used. Following packing accessories are used for dyed yarn pack.

  • Plastic bag
  • Poly bag
  • Plastic rope
  • Sticker
  • Marker

Delivery Section: After completing the packing work yarns are stored for the delivery. It is work of store section. In delivery section, materials are delivered as per schedule of delivery.

Point Needs to Consider in Delivery Section: Following points are considered during delivery.

  • Delivery section maintains the register.
  • Delivery invoice or challan and gate-pass should maintain.
  • Delivery clearance should provide to the delivery section.
  • For single yarn party consider 4% process loss.
  • Delivery section should keep daily and monthly report.

So, that’s all about the packing and delivery section of a yarn dyeing floor.


Process Flow Chart For 100% Cotton Yarn Dyeing | Light Shade Cotton Dyeing (Less Than 1%)

In yarn dyeing floor; process for cotton yarn can be vary depending on the individual procedure of a textile engineer or a dyeing master. I have given a process flow chart for 100% cotton dyeing. This sequence is applicable for producing light shade (less than 1%).

Dyeing sequence for 100% cotton for light shade:

Carrier and vessel washed by hydrose and caustic at 1000 C for 20 min

Load the package in the carrier and feed in the vessel

Add wetting agent, anti foaming agent, sequestering agent and run at 600 C for 10 min

Water solution drain

Add wetting agent, sequestering agent, caustic soda and hydrogen peroxide and run at 1100 C for single yarn and 1150 C for double yarn for 20 min


Add peroxide killer and run at 900 C for 10 min

Peroxide check in the package


Add acetic acid for neutralization and run for 20 min at 500 C


Absorbency test of sample


Dyeing period

Add wetting agent, anti foaming agent, sequestering agent and run at 600 C for 10 min

Color dosing at 600 C for 20 min

Color migration at 600 C for 30 min

Salt dosing at 600 C for 20 min

Run the machine for 20 min at 600 C with color and salt

Soda dosing at 600 C for 40 min

Cotton dyeing at 600 C for 50 min

Check sample



Rinse for 10 min

Add acetic acid for neutralization and run for 10 min at 500 C


Add washing chemical and run at 900 C for 20 min

Wash sample check



Rinse for 10 min

Add fixing chemical and half acetic acid, run at 500 C for 20 min

Add softening agent and rest half acid, run at 600 C for 20 min

Check finished sample




Oh, my friends this is my own observation if you have better one let me know the sequence of cotton dyeing for light shade. I think this will give you a better way to get better dyeing performance.

Re-Winding Section Of Yarn Dyeing Floor | Objectives And Considering Points Of Re-Winding

Re-winding is the last steps of yarn dyeing process. The process which is started by soft winding section, it comes in end by re winding section. After re winding, dyed yarns become ready for packing and delivery to the destination.

In yarn dyeing floor re-winding section is also called random section. In this section dried and dyed yarns are transferred from spring or plastic tube to cone form.

Objectives: The objectives of re-winding are given bellow:

  1. To transfer the dyed yarn from tube or spring to cone package.
  2. To clean the yarn.
  3. To make the yarn in continuous form.
  4. To prepare the cone package for the delivery.

Re-Winding machine: In re-winding section, various types of machines are used. One of the most used re-winding machine is GAO14; GROOVED DRUM WINDER which is manufacture by SUZHOU XINSAFANG MECHNICAL & ELECTRICAL. The origin country of this machine is China. It contains 100 Spindle.

Points Need to Consider During Re-winding: During re-winding process various points are considered which are given bellow:

  1. Trash: Trash is one of the big problems in random section. Different shaded yarns are re-wind in random section, so color trash fly in the section and enter into package of other color or same color, which destroy the quality of the package. Especially it is harmful for the white or off white color, where other color trash can be identify easily.
  2. Wax: Waxes use in random section. Yarn passes through the wax. Wax gives softness and lubricity of the yarn, which facilities better knitting performance.
  3. Tension: Tension is given to double yarn not in single yarn. Because tension makes single yarn package hard.
  4. Wet Package: Wet package should not re-wind because wet package become hard after re-winding. It also makes beets in the cone package.
  5. Cone: Cone should be available.
  6. Blower: Blower should work properly, because cleaning performance depends on blower performance.
  7. Operator: Operator should aware about the cleanliness.

That’s all about re-winding section. One should be aware about the re-winding process and produce fault free product for the buyer.